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 either of the two FEATURED BASKET KITS.  You may order one of each kit or two of one kit.  Add as many other items as you like to your order to take advantage of this generous FREE SHIPPING offer.
Kit #1


Weave this adorable Christmas basket and learn how to disengage your basket from its handle for this unique shape.  Begin with a round wooden base attached to an 8” x 8” square handle.  Basket is start/stop weaving and ti-twining.  Handle is wrapped and embellished with red leather along with the X’s down the front. Fur is glued on in place of an inside and outside rim. Height: 8” x Width: 8”

Kit - $33.00
Additional Handle/Bases with purchase of kit $15.00

 Kit #2


This cute little Christmas basket has the unique shape of beginning with a square wooden base attached to a 6” x 6” square handle and disengage the basket from the handle.  Learn continuous weaving and triple twining in pairs.  Rim has a triple X’d lacer with red waxed linen and handle is embellished with red leather.  Red and White flower is pre-made.  Attach with holly leaves and 3 hanging bells to complete this little beauty.  Height: 6” x Width: 6”

KIT - $30.00

Additional Handle/bases with purchase of kit $12.00



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(3) Print out order form and mail to Cornerstone Baskets 277 High Point Circle  Tallmadge, OH  44278.  OR

(4) Print out order form and fax to (330) 633-3439.


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